About the Pogos!

About the Pogos!

Emily found her love for photography early in high school and hasn’t put her camera down since.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the Savannah College of Art & Design in Savannah, Georgia.  While in college she was trained in classical fine art photography techniques and ended up focusing on digital imaging, an emerging field at the time.  After working for a popular photography studio on Hilton Head Island, Emily decided that she wanted to focus on her own clients and provide a more personalized level of customer service.  She loves staying current with new trends in technology and imaging and loves working in photography with her best friend and husband, Steve Pogozelski.  (She became the official “Mrs Pogo” on 8.14.10, and is still thrilled!)

Steve found photography through Emily.  After growing up in Jupiter, Florida, he earned his Bachelor of Science in both Accounting and Finance from Florida Atlantic University.  After seeing Emily’s love for the art of photography he decided to work with her on the business side of things.  Out of curiosity (and because he’s always been competitive) he picked up a camera to see how it worked.  Something clicked and he’s been shooting with Emily ever since.

Having one photographer with an artistic and professionally trained eye paired with a second photographer possessing a mathematical and analytical mind fuses left and right brain visions. The result is a wide variety of images, ranging from the emotional to the architectural. Our easy communication and long-time friendship creates a very natural working relationship, enabling us to work smoothly and efficiently together.

Pogo Photo is founded on the concept that our clients deserve the highest level of customer service that we can provide.  It is our passion to create beautiful fine art photographs that document you and your family throughout the significant events of life, and to provide beautiful prints, albums and wall art of the highest quality that you can pass down to your descendants.

Please contact us to schedule your portrait session or to discuss our services in more detail!

Want more info about the Pogos?

Emily Pogo in her own words:

I’m an obsessive image-junkie in love with weddings and photography. I adore every client we work with and get teary-eyed at every ceremony, even when I’m focused on getting the perfect shot. I crave color and details, genuine laughter and gorgeous shoes. I love to travel and marvel at new things (especially sparkly things!), and I have a passion for finding something beautiful in the mundane. I tend to get distracted easily when I see pretty light, and I take mental snapshots of everything I see.

I love kitties, Apple products, and Sephora (and luckily Steve isn’t allergic to Apple products). My iPhone has become an extension of my brain; I literally feel lost without it. As a kid I was a complete geek, excited about computers and technology (and Star Trek). Actually, I’m still a geek. I seek out new technology as soon as it’s available, which keeps us ahead of the curve in a digital world.

Working with my best friend/husband makes this the best job ever… we get to spend our days creating art out of smiling faces and once-in-a-lifetime events. Every wedding we photograph brings us closer together as a couple; it’s hard not to be happy with so much love flying around.

Steve Pogo in his own words:

Hi!  I’m Steve, the guy who gave Emily that ten letter last name. I like sports, traveling, long walks on the beach, and shooting people with Canons. I spent my collegiate days studying accounting and finance but now I spend my time debiting portraits and crediting candids which is far more personally fulfilling than calculating  price-earnings ratios. I’ve diversified my mental portfolio by exercising my option of creativity through art, as well as via completely overplayed metaphors.

While my business degrees let me handle the boring part of our business, my tutelage from my bride (read as: “me siphoning off of Em’s BFA in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design, Magna Cum Laude”) has allowed me to enjoy the entire photographic process from behind the lens all the way through that moment where I hand someone their wedding album and watch it instantly become their family heirloom.

Ten years ago I never could have envisioned myself ditching the suit and tie for a home office and a closet chock full’o photo gear; now I can’t imagine going back.  (I do still love my ties; you’ll see me rocking them at most weddings.)

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