FAQ – Weddings

Okay, this is the big FAQ file!  We wanted to include as much information as possible, and it ended up being pretty long.  We’re always happy to reply to emails and phone calls, so let us know if you have any other questions!  :-)

Film or Digital?
We shoot entirely digital files.  The reasoning for this is simple; in the past digital imaging was still in its infancy and could not meet the quality offered by traditional film.  Modern digital cameras, with their extremely sensitive sensors and high capacity memory cards, have changed the wedding photography industry immensely.  We are now able to shoot throughout the wedding day, capturing many more images than was ever possible in the days of film shooting. While Emily still has a great deal of fondness for film photography (particularly medium format Hasselblads!), we find that our clients are better served by our digital photography.

Do you shoot in RAW or JPG?
100% RAW.  Although shooting RAW files requires larger memory cards, larger hard drives and special software to covert the files to printable images, the benefits far outweigh the extra storage and processing.  RAW files are able to be more heavily manipulated for artistic effect and have a larger degree of exposure flexibility for unusual lighting situations during the wedding day.

What equipment will you be using?

All of our equipment (including our back-up equipment) is professional Canon bodies and lenses.

Do you shoot in all color or some black and white?
With digital images, any image can be in color or black and white. We decide to make some images black and white based on our artistic experience; images shot in low light situations are generally converted to black and white to avoid color “noise” produced with high ISO settings.

What is your primary style?
We shoot in an editorial/photojournalistic style.  We always make sure to create beautiful posed family and wedding party formals, but we have found that creative portraits and candid shots capture more of the emotion of the day. Our goal is to be there to document your day, provide enough direction and structure to end up with images you love, but not to interfere so much that you miss your own wedding!  We encourage our clients to let us know how much direction they would like us to take; the more communication the better!

Who will be shooting our wedding?  Do you ever have associates shoot weddings for you?

Emily and Steve are the only photographers who shoot weekend weddings, and we will both be there for the entire wedding day. Emily occasionally takes on smaller, weekday weddings by herself in situations where there are very few guests and a second photographer is unnecessary; please contact us for additional information on weekday weddings. Pogo Photo does not ever subcontract wedding photography to an associate photographer.

Do you have an assistant?
Depending on the day we may have an assistant or intern with us (we affectionately refer to assistants as “Grunt”, as they usually end up with the tasks of carrying bags and being a walking light stand). If you choose to add a “PogoBooth” (our version of a photo booth) we will have a booth assistant there to help with that part of the day. We will always let you know in advance if we plan on bringing an assistant with us for your wedding.

Can we have a third photographer?
In most cases we feel that two photographers provide more than adequate coverage of a full wedding day. If you have an unusually large wedding or if you feel that you need more than two photographers for the day, we do have access to additional shooters. We are highly selective in terms of who can represent Pogo Photo, so we need plenty of notice in order to book a third photographer.

Do you use flash?  If so, when?
We use available light for much of the day; when necessary we sometimes use light modifiers (reflectors, etc.) and flashes (on and off camera). We generally do not use flash for ceremonies, as it can be very distracting to everyone involved. If your ceremony is going to be in an exceptionally dark venue, please let us know and we’ll see whether flash will be necessary or if other lighting accommodations can be made. During the reception we generally use a variety of lighting styles, including on and off camera flash.

We are planning on having an unconventional wedding.  How flexible are you with non-traditional ceremonies?
We welcome offbeat brides and are always open to new and different experiences!  Please give us as much information as possible in advance of the wedding day so that we can be prepared for the unique qualities of your itinerary.

Are you gay/lesbian/transgender friendly?
Absolutely! We celebrate love and families in all of their varied forms and are absolutely welcoming to anyone who is looking for beautiful photographs of important milestones in their lives. We’d love to talk with you more about your wedding plans; please contact us using the link in our menu.

What time do you arrive for our wedding day?
Every wedding is different, and so is the itinerary of every wedding. We work closely with our clients to determine the best time for us to arrive, but typically Emily arrives for the getting ready photos around when the bride is finished with her hair but not yet fully made up.  Steve will be with the guys for the entire seven minutes it takes them to get dressed, then go out and do some groom/guy portraits.  (We do recommend guys getting ready with a little extra time to spare so Steve can have more time to take fun portraits!)

What if our event runs late?
Then we’re staying!  We shoot for the day, within reason.  If you start getting ready at 8:30am and you are still popping champagne on the dance floor at 2:30am the next morning, we might start wrapping up our shoot.  We believe that this is your day and you should not be checking your watch to see if your photographer is going to nickel and dime you for extra time.  Enjoy yourselves and don’t worry about us. :-)

Do you have backup equipment?
Of course! We have back up cameras, lenses, flashes, etc. that we bring with us to each wedding.

Do you accept a “must-have” photo list for the formals?
We will get whatever shots you would like as long as the time is provided.  We have found that for larger wedding families/parties, designating someone who knows everyone by name to direct groupings for each picture flows easier than either of us yelling out a role call.

Can our guests take photos?
As long as they are not professionals, that will be up to you.  For the formals, only one of us shoots while the other directs.  This is to prevent people from looking at the wrong camera just between the two of us, so allowing any additional people to shoot will only cause further distractions and reduce the quality of your final images.  For the ceremony, we are not responsible for having people jump in front of the camera to get their own shots.  Having just us shooting improves the quality of the finished images and percentage of useable photos but we will never tell non-professionals to stop shooting unless you instruct us to do so.

Are you insured?
Yes. Professional liability and photographic equipment coverage.  We are happy to have our insurance certificate sent to your venue directly.  Please note that if your venue does require proof of insurance, it can take up to 3 weeks for our insurance company to submit the required documents.

Are you members of any associations within the industry?
We are members of the Professional Photographers of America.

What will you be wearing while you are shooting?
Let’s call it “dressy but practical.”  For most weddings Steve wears suit pants with a dress shirt, tie and vest, while Emily wears dress slacks with a dressy top.  We do our best to blend into the background, so please let us know if your wedding will be especially formal or informal!  (For summer beach weddings in Florida we do tend to wear lighter clothing, but it depends on the weather forecast.)

Who does your post-processing?
We do.  All final images will be color corrected and artistically enhanced.  We do not charge extra to make minor adjustments to images that you would like to order (turn black and white, crop, etc.).  Major cosmetic retouching is reviewed on a case-by-case basis; we want you to look your best, but still look like you, so we generally keep our “alterations” to minor details such as skin blemishes.

How long does it take until we see all the images?
The honest answer is “as soon as possible.”  Our clients usually want us to put an exact time frame on the turnaround time, but depending on lighting conditions, length of the overall day, and how busy our studio is at that time of year, the amount of post production work can vary.  The shortest turnaround time we’ve had for a full wedding was 12 days, the longest was 8 weeks.

What is your background in photography?
Emily fell in love with photography in tenth grade and has rarely let a camera leave her hand since. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with her BFA in Photography and has been shooting weddings and portraits professionally for 12 years.  Steve has been shooting with Emily since 2008 and she taught him everything he knows about photography.  For more information about our backgrounds and shooting styles, please see the About the Pogos page.

Do you include a disc of all the images?
A disc of all final images is included with any wedding album purchase, and is delivered with the printed album; if no wedding album is desired, the disc may be purchased separately.  Personal printing usage rights are included with our discs.  We offer the highest quality professional prints available at very reasonable price through our online proofing site, but realize that many of our clients like to have all of their images on disc for archival purposes.

Can I put pictures up on social networking site like Facebook? What about Pinterest?
Definitely!  You may put watermarked images up on Facebook to maintain exclusivity rights, both for you and for Pogo Photo.  We will watermark any images for you (it’s an unobtrusive stamp of our website on the bottom right corner of the photo) and allow you to put them up on your Facebook page. Due to Facebook’s copyright restrictions and terms of use, all images must remain watermarked.

We encourage you to post any images from our website to Pinterest! We love their site and appreciate that they link back to us when you use their Pinmark

Why should I hire a professional photographer for my wedding?
There are three things that last long after the wedding day itself: the marriage, the rings, and the photos.  Trusting a professional to capture the day first eliminates stress the day of the wedding, then provides you with high-quality images for years to come. We work with professional printing labs and album companies so the final printed images can be passed down through multiple generations.

Okay, but why should we go with Pogo Photo?
Your wedding photographers will be by your side during one of the most amazing (and fun and stressful and emotional) days of your life. We highly recommend finding someone who not only will deliver stellar images of your wedding, but will also be someone you enjoy spending time with. We LOVE what we do and count our “job” as one of the most rewarding parts of our lives! While a lot can be learned from reading a FAQ on a website we definitely believe that meeting in person (or by video chat) is a necessity to determine if we’re the right photographers for you. (Oh yeah— and we put about a zillion percent into anything we do. Weddings are never just “another wedding” for us; we truly love our clients and want to spend as much time making beautiful images as we can.)

Why are you professional photographers?
We have reasons for each type of photography and what we enjoy, but overall we are doing something we love!  We have each had “jobs” before, but this is different.  Shooting a wedding all day is hard work, but never feels like work!  Before Pogo Photo, Emily had worked in the restaurant business and had a job with her college in the photography department in addition to her position with a portrait studio on Hilton Head Island.  Steve also worked in the restaurant business, in addition to his positions as a manager and a broker while getting his degrees (B.S. in accounting, B.S. in finance.)  Those backgrounds have surprisingly helped us more than we had originally thought; interacting with people, working within tight timeframes, running the financial side of the business, handling stress, working long hours, and running all day with minimal breaks combined to make all-day photo shoots seem natural to us.  Also, having right-brained and left-brained viewpoints behind the lens provides us with a fun internal competition as to who can get the best shot (i.e. “whose shot makes the cover of the album?”).  Spending the day with happy people, celebrating a new beginning with family and close friends who all there to enjoy themselves and have a great time… how can you not enjoy this profession!?

Do you travel for weddings outside of South Florida?
Like nearly every photographer, we love to travel. We’d be happy to discuss your options when it comes to destination photography or having us travel to your hometown for your wedding, just drop us a line! (We happen to LOVE traveling to Vermont and New Hampshire for weddings, as that’s where Emily grew up and still has family.)

What is it like working together as husband and wife?
It’s awesome!   Photographing other couples in love always reaffirms our own love for each other.  It reminds us that love is everywhere, and capturing those moments in camera has become a passion for both of us.  Long term, we hope that seeing love in its beginning stages will always bring us back to how we fell in love.

I have more questions!  What do I do?
Contact us!  Click the contact link at the top of this page or email us.

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