Antique Rolls Royce Portraits, Jupiter, Florida
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Antique Rolls Royce Portraits, Jupiter, Florida

Having an antique car such as this Rolls Royce to bring you to and from your wedding can be a fun element to remember. This cute flower girl certainly will! This image was created using a shallow depth of field and taking multiple images to form a panorama; the plane of focus that runs through the little girl's face also happens to run through the bouquets, creating an unusual three dimensional feeling to this image, with a distinct sense of movement out the windows. Choosing to prioritize the child’s expression was purposeful, and helps the viewer slow down and examine the wedding day and the scene with a childlike perspective. Did she notice the lush burgundy leather seats, which happened to be in the same color palette as the bridesmaid’s dress and the bride’s bouquet? When she climbed into the spacious backseat did she marvel at the polished burled wood trim, worn shiny by many, many years of loving hands? Did the shiny chrome window frames catch her reflection? Is this going to be one of her brightest memories, something she thinks back on as she grows older, a day she holds dear as the time she got to dress like a princess and dance all night after riding to a stunning ceremony in an elegant church? The viewpoint of a young girl can be magical, and seeing a wedding day through her eyes enhances the natural magic innate in all weddings.

Location: Frenchman's Reserve, Jupiter, Florida.

1/400; f/2.5; ISO 800; 35.0 mm.

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