Beautiful bridal portrait at Old Palm Golf Club
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Beautiful bridal portrait at Old Palm Golf Club

The biggest key to looking beautiful on your wedding day is feeling beautiful. This can mean different things to different people, but generally we've found that confidence and happiness shine through on anyone's face. Prep in advance of the wedding day to be sure that all of your clothing fits perfectly, your accessories accentuate your look the way you want them to, your hair and makeup trials make you excited and thrilled, and most importantly: you feel happy with your own look. Embrace yourself, your body, your beauty, and your flaws; you will be happier for it, and that happiness will make you glow like no highlighter ever could.

The pose and lighting in this image, taken in the getting ready space at Old Palm Golf Club in Palm Beach Gardens, were chosen deliberately to accentuate specific parts of this bride's body. The way the indirect window light comes from over each shoulder, highlighting the edges of her face and chest, and cinching in her waist by her arm draws the viewer's attention to her décolletage, the youthful lines of her neck, and the smooth curves of her cheeks and brow bones. The line of her neck leads your eye down to her sweetheart neckline, and her pleased smile and lowered eyes makes one wonder what she's thinking. It's a classically beautiful bridal portrait with a hint of sexiness, offset by a traditional gown and soft updo.

Location: Old Palm Golf Club, 11089 Old Palm Drive, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418.

1/200; f/4.0; ISO 800; 100.0 mm.

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