Black and white documentary photography in Palm Beach
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Black and white documentary photography in Palm Beach

moments, the slices of time from the day that otherwise vanish into thin air. Taking planned pictures of the day's events is not enough; we have a camera in hand at all times, and spend our time shadowing our clients. This only works if there is trust: we trust you to love the images we create, and you trust us to create them. Anticipation and experience are vitally important to documentary wedding photography; this hallway at Old Palm Golf Club in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, has a series of unflattering sconces and overhead lanterns, but the light spilling from the office doorway was of a brighter, cleaner nature. Realizing that this bride would be passing by the doorway, exposure was adjusted to darken the rest of the hallway and illuminate her dress as she passed by. In the instant that she was to walk past someone called out their names, and both she and her new husband turned slightly to respond. In that instant the image was created, with their natural movements adding a sense of mystery and realism. This kind of image could be posed, but the fact that it was not broadens its appeal to those who cherish documentary wedding photography.

This image is cherished by the bride, and she considers it one of her favorites from the day. Building a trusting connection with our clients begins with them letting go of control: don't think of the wedding as a day that must be picture-perfect, or you will invariably be disappointed. Take the leap into experiencing your wedding with your mind open and your heart full! The resulting images will show you embracing life and we may see moments you never could have imagined wanting.

Location: Old Palm Golf Club, 11089 Old Palm Drive, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418.

1/200; f/2.0; ISO 2000; 35.0 mm.

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