Blanc de Bleu champagne on wedding day in Florida
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Blanc de Bleu champagne on wedding day in Florida

Finding a bottle of champagne that rivals the crystal clear blue waters of South Florida may seem like a crazy impossibility… but these days anything is possible. Blanc de Bleu is a sparkling wine from California that has positioned itself to be the only blue bubbly in the world. (This is likely to remain true; have you ever tried eating or drinking something that feels like the "wrong" color? It's a bit tough to get past at first!) However silly it might seem, it was fun to have a blue toast… maybe not the "something blue" this bride needed (she also had bright blue shoes), but truly a perfect match for the Atlantic sparkling in the sunlight behind her.

Behind the current tradition of a restrained toast to the bride or to the groom followed by a sip or two of bubbles lies a raucous and wild history of using the excuse of raising a glass to then down that glass, and then perhaps several more, as making a toast to every person in the room was not uncommon. (Think of 17th and 18th century toasting as an extreme drinking game.) Our favorite toast from this time reads, "May the works of our nights never fear the daylight", though it seems more appropriate for a Las Vegas bachelorette party than for a wedding day.

Getting ready at any of the oceanfront hotels or condos along the sunny, beautiful stretch of Singer Island leaves you with a gorgeous view of bright blue water and quiet sandy beaches. Singer Island is a reasonable alternative to the luxury of Palm Beach Island to the south, particularly if laid-back style is important to your wedding day. Palm Beach County varies hugely from north to south; in the northern areas of Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens you have a low key, vacation-feeling string of places to stay and visit, leading into the opulent Palm Beach, and then further south into busier condo land of Delray Beach and Boca Raton.

Location: Hilton Singer Island, 3700 North Ocean Drive, Riviera Beach, Florida 33404.

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