B'nai Torah Wedding Reception
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B'nai Torah Wedding Reception

This image shows four exuberant young men, including the groom of this wedding, playing what almost looks like a game of chicken, though without the pool and bikinis! The joy and hilarity on the faces of the people gathered around watching seems boundless, and the precarious positions of the two men atop shoulders is exaggerated by the wide angle lens chosen for this shot. A combination of ambient light (stage lighting from the band and the videographer), off camera flash (illuminating and edge lighting the faces in the background) and on camera flash gives this image depth and clarity.

The B'nai Torah in Boca Raton is a well known venue for Jewish weddings in the area, with ample space for large gatherings. Having the ceremony and reception in the same venue allows for guests to relax without having to navigate an unfamiliar area by car or other transportation, which is especially helpful for older guests or those from out of town. The importance of keeping the elders of the family content and happy cannot be underestimated; many assume that everything will be taken care of naturally, but in reality many times the bride and groom simply aren’t told of struggles that family and friends have with the logistics of the wedding day. We recommend assuming that any sort of transport will be difficult at best and either arrange for a group bus or trolley to provide travel accommodations from your guests’ hotels (this is also helpful for intoxicated guests at the end of the evening) or to have all of your events at the same property where your guests are staying to keep everything easy and simple.

Location: B'nai Torah, Boca Raton, Florida.

1/200; f/2.8; ISO 800; 17.0 mm.

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