Bridal portrait at the Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach
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Bridal portrait at the Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach

The Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach is a classic throwback to a bygone era, and has a fascinating number of portrait locations, including using this intriguing fountain in the pool courtyard that we chose to use as a background. The reflected late afternoon light from the white buildings across the courtyard created a flattering and creamy smooth light suited beautifully for these bridal portraits, the blue-green tones of the mosaic tiling behind her contrasting nicely with the peachy tones of her skin, her golden brown hair, and her soft pink lipstick. While Miami Beach is famous for extremely hot weather, one of the little known facts is that it’s the only major city in the US that never hits 100 degrees Fahrenheit. A lot of this is due to the delightful breezes that flow off the ocean, rustling dresses, lifting veils, and swirling tendrils of curled hair. (Always best to assume that your hair will be windblown and either run with it or have a hairstyle that’s pinned down well enough not to make a difference! Florida breezes can go from light and soft to gusty with almost no notice.) This bride epitomizes casually elegant style, and her destination wedding at the Eden Roc was the perfect combination of fun and class.

Location: Eden Roc, Miami Beach, Florida.

1/400; f/4.0; ISO 400; 85.0 mm.

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