Casual Engagement Portraits at Coral Cove Park, Jupiter
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Casual Engagement Portraits at Coral Cove Park, Jupiter

The most intimate moments don't have to be mushy or too lovey-dovey. This moment between this young couple feels like they can't get enough of each other, almost breathing the other in. The look of happiness and bliss on their faces, despite not seeing their entire heads or either of their open eyes, speaks volumes. Sweet and tender documentary portrait moments like this are simple: we let you be yourselves, and we wait until that tiny smile curves and your hands tighten just a bit. The added detail of her class ring in this image was purposeful: rather than showing her engagement ring, which is a meaningful symbol, we highlighted her class ring, a monumental accomplishment in its own right: both she and he graduated from West Point Academy, from an incredibly rigorous program that shapes and defines young people as they head toward military careers in the United States. Choosing the quiet beach of Coral Cove Park at sunrise on Jupiter Island, just off the coast of Jupiter, Florida, these two mature young adults showed their commitment, love, and caring friendship for each other while splashing through the waves and ducking under the shady trees lining the shore as sparkling rays of sunshine blazed through the sea grapes. Casual and candid engagement photography is one of our favorite kinds of portraiture, and not only do the clients end up with personal images to treasure of this time in their lives, the four of us connect more as friends and a team to make the wedding day feel even more fun and relaxed.

Location: Coral Cove Park, Jupiter, Florida.

1/640; f/2.0; ISO 400; 35.0 mm.

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