Classic wedding rings in West Palm Beach
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Classic wedding rings in West Palm Beach

A traditional ring set can often be highlighted as a more interesting images when paired with a non traditional background. A typical image might have been to place the rings in a bouquet or on the invitations; instead we chose to position them on a stark surface of cut coral, in oppressively bright sunlight, where tiny blades of grass were sprouting against all logic. Doing so allowed us to draw visual stories from the elements as they were positioned, such as life springing from nothing, growth, and the way each piece of grass seems to reach toward the others in an arch over the two wedding bands, which are neatly mimicking those same angles. The diamonds and platinum and coral are all extremely hard substances, which is belayed by the delicate curving grass and the extremely blurred background, signifying a union of elements and a joining of soft and hard elements to create a better end result.

We don’t have a preference for when we are able to create detailed and engaging ring portraits; sometimes our clients have the images handy for us when we first show up for preparations, and sometimes we split up during the reception (one of us dominating the dance floor coverage while the other focuses on detail shots). Either method works well, though having the option to use brilliant daytime sunlight can sometimes allow for more interesting compositions within the venue space. Typically we want to engineer images that help tell our clients’ love story, whether that’s by incorporating personal memorabilia from the wedding or by including aspects of the physical location, as showcased in this image.

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida.

1/2500; f/4.0; ISO 200; 100.0 mm.

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