Colorful engagement portraits in West Palm Beach
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Colorful engagement portraits in West Palm Beach

Finding a bright and colorful location in West Palm Beach is no great challenge, but finding a color palette that would offset the groom's teal shirt and tattoo sleeves perfectly took a bit of thinking. A sugary treat helped everyone perk up, though he's clearly not interested in his dish of ice cream. The shallow depth of field not only draws your attention to the couple, but the out of focus lights in the background subtly draw lines toward their heads, framing them with what almost looks like rays of sunshine. Their intertwined hands and body language both make this moment feel genuine (which it is), and the delicate kiss looks tantalizing. The swoop of the bride's chair leads directly into the curve of her back, creating an upward and positive leading note to the image, which then falls steeply over his shoulders, curving back around with the edge of the table and back to the bride again. Circular movement within the framing of an image draws the viewer's eye into the focal point, which in this case is their kiss.

Engagement sessions in West Palm Beach can be a wonderful way to explore the city, regardless of the weather. With a plethora of interesting shops, tiny streets, soaring palm trees, and delicious cafes and restaurants, this small city has a funky, urban vibe that's much cooler than nearby Palm Beach Island.

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida.

1/400; f/2.0; ISO 400; 85.0 mm.

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