Colorful and unusual makeup portrait in South Florida
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Colorful and unusual makeup portrait in South Florida

We love photographing bridal preparations: it offers a unique opportunity for us to get to know the participants in your wedding day while working on a relatively laid-back part of the day, and it affords us the opportunity to try to photograph mundane situations in a unique and creative way. This image is the perfect example: a colorful display of makeup palettes prompted Em to maneuver herself into the perfect position for the next time the makeup artist put her hands in just the right position. The tiny mirror amongst the other makeup palettes had a splash of soft pink framing it, which coordinated perfectly with Tiffany's lip color; the shades of blue, green, and purple on the left play off the jumble of oranges and reds on the right, and the dark background makes every color pop even more. Visually the smaller and darker circles in the palette on the left lead your eye toward the face in the mirror, and the swirl of chaotic color above Tiffany circles your eye right back to the beginning.

Finding unique moments like this one is one of the ways we set ourselves apart from other photographers, but more importantly it’s a good example of how we see the world, how we choose to present a moment like “bride having her makeup done” from a different, artistic perspective. We also photograph a scene like this in a traditional format, as we know our clients want straightforward images as well as creative shots, but we are delighted when we find gems like this to document.

Location: Breakers West, West Palm Beach, Florida.

1/250; f/2.0; ISO 800; 35.0 mm.

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