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Creative Catholic wedding photographer in Orlando

Documenting details such as these elegant organ pipes and the stained glass window behind them at St. James Catholic Cathedral in Orlando, Florida is something we consider to be essential to telling the story of any wedding day, but particularly wedding ceremonies that are taking place in a church or house of worship. Our couples make conscious choices about the details that surround them, which to our artistic minds includes the architectural details of this cathedral. Despite the modern aesthetic this is a very traditional Catholic church, and their ceremony was also steeped in tradition. The resounding chords from a proper pipe organ can be felt deep within your body; there's nothing quite like it. Capturing that feeling can be difficult; how does one translate the physiological reaction of your body to the deep, sustained booming sounds of a church's organ? The choice to focus on the closest point of the pipe organ with a shallow depth of field, while also keeping the pipes directly overhead in a visual position of power showcases this instrument as an important part of the wedding day. The symmetry of shooting from a very direct point of view keeps the viewer's eye moving about the image, with the soft glow of indirect light filtering through the colorful glass creating a pleasing color palette that offsets the strength of the upwardly rising hard and forceful pipes.

Location: St. James Catholic Cathedral, 215 North Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801.

1/500; f/2.0; ISO 1600; 35.0 mm.

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