Cruz Building Coconut Grove Wedding Photography
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Cruz Building Coconut Grove Wedding Photography

Even when we set our couples up for "posed" portraits, we're always seeking moments of genuine emotion and affection. On your wedding day the last thing you want is to be overly stiff or feel like you're uncomfortable; we use a number of techniques we’ve perfected over the years to make our clients feel relaxed, which allows you to embrace the pure joy of your marriage. Angel's birdcage veil and ostrich feathers pair perfectly with her simple white silk gown, and we love the way Sam is gently holding his wife's new wedding band while being unable to tear his eyes from her face. Her wide mouthed grin with a pretty sheer wash of color on her lips pulls the color from the couch they’re snuggling on and creates movement within the image, as do Angel and Sam’s arms gently encircling one another, with his fingertips lightly touching her shoulder.

The Cruz Building in Coconut Grove, a quiet part of Miami, has a vibrancy that is unique to the area. The location on cute streets allows for interesting portrait locations within easy walking distance, including adorable restaurants and shops, with palms and banyans providing shade and greenery. Weddings in Coconut Grove have the close proximity of the Miami International Airport without feeling like you’re in a large city; it feels more like a secluded neighborhood, with homes nestled on streets right by the shops.

Location: Cruz Building, Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida.

1/200; f/2.5; ISO 800; 85.0 mm.

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