Documentary moment at Four Seasons Palm Beach
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Documentary moment at Four Seasons Palm Beach

Moments after the family portraits finished at Julissa and Rod's wedding at the Four Seasons Palm Beach one of the participants pulled Julissa off to the side for a private word. Em snuck over to document their faces but the man noticed immediately, and pulled this face for what looks like a truly intimate moment. This image was processed in black and white to isolate the subjects from the background, and a very shallow depth of field was chosen for the same reason. Candid photography involves getting up close and personal with the people in the situation, which is what we are always willing to do, short of interrupting a ceremony or speech. Using a wider angle lens such as this 35mm creates a sense of place within the frame, allowing the location the be visible while feeling like you’re just steps in front of this moment happening.

The man's knowing look and quiet supplication for silence raises more questions than it answers, leaving this one of our favorite documentary images from the day. Why does he ask for silence? Why is he pulling the bride behind him? Why does he need a moment alone? We've always thought it looks like he might be trying to steal her away, but we've never found an explanation. What do you think?

Location: Four Seasons Hotel, Palm Beach, Florida.

1/400; f/2.0; ISO 400; 35.0 mm.

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