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Documentary Wedding Reception Photos

We believe that distractions to the loved ones giving speeches at your wedding should be kept to a minimum, and so we employ a system of off camera flashes designed to keep blinking very rare, if they notice our little pops of light at all. This image is a combination of on and off camera flash, which you can see by the even fill on his face, but also with the edge lighting coming over his shoulders and illuminating his fingertips. Our goal is to create beautiful images throughout the entire day, not just when there's available daylight, and so we have mastered the art of using flash creatively during receptions, regardless of the venue or situation. (This particular venue, the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, has an outdoor tent for most receptions, which is what allows for such dark backgrounds on side lit images.)

How can you prepare for your best man speech at your friend’s wedding? We’ve been to many, many weddings over the years, and have heard speeches that make the guests yawn and speeches that have brought everyone to tears. (We recommend the latter.) Masterful best man speeches contain a balanced blend of humor (little known stories from a checkered past that touch on the inappropriate without actually revealing secrets or embarrassing anyone are best), honesty about your friendship with the groom, and good natured, genuine well-wishing for a future with the partner he has chosen are general crowd pleasers. Memorizing the outlines of your speech will enable you to not only make eye contact throughout the time you’re speaking, it will make for much more flattering images of you. Lastly, speak from the heart. There’s surely a good reason you were chosen for this task, and we’re all adults. There’s a time for silliness and hilarity (and sometimes that can even be woven into the earlier part of your speech), but for the most part the best-received speeches are the ones that show your feelings for your friend and this momentous step in his life.

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida.

1/200; f/2.8; ISO 1600; 100.0 mm.

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