Engagement photos in the gloaming, Jupiter Florida
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Engagement photos in the gloaming, Jupiter Florida

Bright, sunshiny portraits in South Florida are typical for an engagement session, but we prefer our Jupiter and Jupiter Farms clients to have a wider variety than the typical Style Me Pretty aesthetic. This intimately beautiful portrait took place during "the gloaming", a delicious way of describing dusk, when the last light in the sky has started to fade and color bleeds away from everything in sight, but before it becomes dark enough to truly be called evening. The delicate edge lighting across the tops of this couple's heads, across his back, and between their lips feels like a visual caress; the viewer can almost feel silky skin as the day's heat starts to fade, can almost feel the barest hint of a kiss. This kind of softly intimate portrait could be created anywhere in the world; as bright as day can be in southern climes, everywhere on earth gets dark at some point. We love the anticipation in this image, which elevates engagement photography from the typical smiling and cheery images (which we do also love) to something deeper, more sensual, and more engaging. For the client wanting sexy engagement photos, we're the wedding photographer for you, whether you're in Florida, Vermont, or anywhere else on earth.

Location: Jupiter Farms, Florida.

1/125; f/2.0; ISO 800; 35.0 mm.

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