Fun LED batons at upscale wedding reception, Palm Beach
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Fun LED batons at upscale wedding reception, Palm Beach

In order to capture the true feeling of a wedding dance floor we get in close and let the energy run through us. It's not enough to stand on the edges of the party and take photos from the sidelines; to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and their loved ones we get right in there and dance along with everyone else, the main difference being the cameras that we keep close to hand! Recognizing when to use specific tools from our tool kit to capture the essence of the celebration is something that comes from years of experience. Knowing that we probably won't capture the effect of blinking foam bats without changing our typical settings, we switched our cameras to a long exposure with the addition of on camera clash. This allows the camera to capture the blinking and moving bats and then freeze motion on the unlit subjects, giving a vibrancy and vitality to the resulting image that would be missing in an image with too much direct lighting. Much of our work in this vein is hit or miss; this is part of why we choose to stay through the entire reception, rather leaving earlier. We realize that often in the wedding industry vendors choose to market themselves hourly; we instead to choose to allow our clients to guide us through their ideal timelines, and often we end up staying for most of the day. This is not to say that we will stay for 37 consecutive hours! Most of our clients understand that we are also human beings, and need time to rest, eat, and recharge. That being said, we never plan more than one event in one day, and we tried to avoid shooting more than one event in a weekend. We are at our best when we are well rested and ready to be creative for our clients, and our best clients understand and work with us on this.

Location: Old Palm Golf Club, 11089 Old Palm Drive, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418.

1/10; f/2.8; ISO 250; 35.0 mm.

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