Groom's shoes at the Cruz Building, Coconut Grove Miami
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Groom's shoes at the Cruz Building, Coconut Grove Miami

The Cruz Building is a funky venue in the Coconut Grove area of Miami, with gorgeous details and a unique progression for the wedding day's events as the party moves from floor to floor, beginning at the ground level for the ceremony and cocktail hour, progressing to the second floor for dinner and speeches, and transitioning to the third floor and roof terrace for dancing, drinks, and dessert. This particular wedding was of a graphic designer, who has a very stylish look to him. Steve thought he might like a shoe portrait that was a little different from the average shot, so he positioned the shoes carefully to look like this was a completely black and white image, although it actually is in color. The tips of the white soles are barely visible, like tiny smiles, and the shoes are positioned in such a way that the curves come right to the edge of the black square before they're no longer visible, leaving the black edges to contrast with the white square. This kind of carefully set up shot is a little unusual for us; typically we’re more documentary in nature, but when a sublime opportunity for graphically interesting images comes along we’re always game to rise to the challenge to craft a unique and engaging piece of art.

Location: The Cruz Building, 3157 Commodore Plaza, Miami, FL 33133.

1/160; f/2.8; ISO 1000; 35.0 mm.

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