Iceland Destination Photographers Adventure Session Pic
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Iceland Destination Photographers Adventure Session Pic

Adventure sessions combine any sort of regular session (engagement, family, wedding, anniversary, etc.) with our adventurous "always game" spirit and elevates our results to the next level. We were thrilled to explore part of Iceland with a couple who wanted relaxed and intimate portraits while doing the things they do best together: travel, explore, and laugh.
We love adventure sessions because they require that we think outside our comfort zone of a location we've been to and photographed many times over. Thinking on the fly and creating new images with the cameras we're wearing, trusty hiking boots, and a more limited range of lighting modifiers is the kind of challenge we throw ourselves into, which creates an adrenaline high that feeds the creative spirit. This particular location was discovered when we hung a left off the main road and were enchanted by the black volcanic rock that's everywhere, and even used as the gravel for dirt roads. The leading lines of the road pull off into the receding distant hills, tugging the eye along to the next destination, while the solid stance of the male subject is offset by the woman's relaxed lean into him, her stylish but practical outfit coordinating well with his hiking gear.

Location: Dimonarvegur, Southern Region, Iceland.

1/640; f/2.0; ISO 400; 35.0 mm.

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