Jimmy Choo wedding shoes at the Ritz Carlton
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Jimmy Choo wedding shoes at the Ritz Carlton

Melanie likes shoes, and not just any shoes. She likes enormously tall shoes, ones that tower over ordinary heels and bring her not-so-tall stature up to the height she'd prefer to be. Many brides would have chosen to wear these shoes for only a few key parts of the day, opting for comfortable flats as soon as possible, but Melanie toughed it out like a rockstar, dancing the night away in these silver snakeskin Jimmy Choo platform stilettos until the lights came up in the wee hours at their epic Ritz Carlton wedding.

And wow, do they make for striking images! Melanie + Alex's wedding was on a brilliant fall day in late October in Jupiter, Florida, with crisp blue skies and sparklingly clear sunlight. Lighting like this makes these shoes literally shine, and knowing Melanie's love for her shoes made Em take care to document them gracing several areas outdoors at the Ritz Carlton. The graphic elements of this particular shot made it our favorite, with the stilettos looking almost sculptural against the azure sky, the stucco wall at the bottom and the out of focus tree silhouette both leading your eye to the main subject: kickass wedding shoes fit for a queen.

Location: Ritz Carlton, Jupiter, Florida.

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