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Miami Classic Car Wedding Photography

When you're the maid of honor and your bride's car is pulling up too early, you do whatever you have to do in order to prevent her from jumping out of the car. Grabbing quick moments like this is what differentiates documentary photographers from traditional photographers, and seeing the quirky humor in a bridesmaid straddling the curb to perform her duties is part of what makes this job so fun for us. This classically elegant wedding took place in downtown Miami at the Gesu Catholic Church, which is the oldest in the city. Arranging the timing of the classic limo pulling up to the front steps so that the bride was on time but not encountering any guests is a challenge in any venue, but particularly at a church surrounded on all sides by busy streets and evening traffic! Circling the block seemed like the best way to avoid accidental peeks at the bride before her big entrance, so her bridesmaid encouraged her to do so. The sweeping lines of the classic car echo the lines of the curb and are bisected by the parallel bodies of the bridesmaid and the car’s driver, both drawing your attention to the bride’s bouquet inside the car and accentuated by being black and white rather than the muted colors of the dwindling twilight.

Location: Gesu Catholic Church, Miami, Florida.

1/400; f/1.8; ISO 400; 35.0 mm.

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