Proud mom watches daughter marry, Jupiter Beach Resort
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Proud mom watches daughter marry, Jupiter Beach Resort

Though sweeping images of the Jupiter Beach Resort's on-sand ocean overlook ceremony location tend to be more commonly seen online, we love tender and emotional moments such as this one, with the bride's beautiful mom fighting back proud tears as her daughter says her vows to her husband. We think the images that you will truly love in ten, twenty, fifty years are the ones that make you see the people in them and the emotions they're expressing at the time, which are moments you can’t ever return to without the help of a very good memory or these frozen moments in time called photographs. Documentary wedding photography of this level is difficult to master, but we've spent years studying the people around us and noticing small movements that indicate something interesting might be about to happen. Empathy with our subjects and their families and guests is what has enabled us to continue growing as photographers and one of the reasons our clients are so satisfied with our images: the end results from the day’s photography are one of the few things you take away from the wedding with you, and it’s hard to say that anything matters more than being able to pass images of the day you began your own branch of your family tree.

Location: Jupiter Beach Resort, Jupiter, Florida.

1/400; f/4.0; ISO 400; 98.0 mm.

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