Quirky children at Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens Wedding
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Quirky children at Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens Wedding

This kiddo could not be dissuaded from climbing the art. Like true documentarians, we don't interfere unless someone is truly in danger (hardly the case here), so we let this kid's mom figure out what was going on with a gentle nudge. Not before capturing the moment, though; this one was too funny to resist. Weddings at the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens are always unique! We always have a documentary style lens on each of us (part of why we love working with HoldFast Gear’s Moneymaker dual camera straps is that we don’t have to pick one lens each, we can each wear two cameras at once) for moments like this: you never know when something unusual will happen and being prepared for the shot is half the battle. One of the mistakes we see new photographers make is to always shoot everything “wide open”, or at a very wide aperture. While this provides a very specific look, it’s also hard to control, and doesn’t always make the difference in the way one expects. We prefer to photograph images like this a little bit more “stopped down”, though if we’re shooting on the fly we might sacrifice ideal settings in order to get a safety shot; in this case the kid didn’t climb for long, so we’re glad we work in that method!

Location: Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, West Palm Beach, Florida.

1/320; f/4.0; ISO 200; 30.0 mm.

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