Relaxed beach portraits at MacArthur Beach State Park
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Relaxed beach portraits at MacArthur Beach State Park

Being spontaneous and silly can make your fiancée dissolve into helpless giggles. You know this. This groom knows this, which is why he literally bent over backwards to make his bride-to-be smile. His antics and crabwalking are the stuff that dream sessions are made of, and we were barely able to hold the camera still enough to shoot while cracking up... but we managed. Engagement sessions on the beach at MacArthur Beach State Park are amongst our favorite, primarily because we usually have most of the long, sandy beach to ourselves after a slow wander across the boardwalk over the shallow Florida inlet and down the wooden beach stairs. Having privacy and seclusion from other beachgoers can allow your personality to shine, and it feels almost like a private island, somewhere hidden and secret, far from the crowded beaches of Jupiter and Palm Beach Island (just imagine: no dogs splashing, no kids wandering to and fro, no bikers stopping by for a dip; that’s the advantage of a beach that’s a bit harder to access). The weather on this day was overcast but not threatening; we always prefer the vibrancy of a sunny day, but the soft and flattering light of a day like this can’t be underestimated for the subtle beauty it provides the final images.

Location: MacArthur Beach State Park, Singer Island, Florida.

1/500; f/2.8; ISO 250; 35.0 mm.

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