Romantic fairytale wedding portraits in Jupiter, FL
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Romantic fairytale wedding portraits in Jupiter, FL

This fantastic location that seems like a fairytale, covered in ivy, is actually an empty lot of land that has been overrun by the invasive weed Lygodium, a variety of kudzu. The state of Florida does seek it out to destroy it, as it kills the native plants, so unfortunately this location no longer exists. Towns like Jupiter often have overlooked places where kudzu runs wild; just look off to the side of any interstate and you’ll see it. (Finding a place to photograph legally is a different matter! Always follow your local and state laws.)

This portrait shines with happiness, with two beaming smiles and a comfortable fit to their hug that looks sweet and romantic at the same time. When we found this beautiful and enchanting location we knew that it would be the perfect place for an anniversary session of one of the happiest couples we’ve ever met, and would coordinate beautifully with the images we shot of them at their wedding at the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens in West Palm Beach, another wild and beautiful place in South Florida. The pull of the extraordinary depth provided by the layered trees and ivy is almost forgotten when you see the tender touch of his hand on her waist, her soft smile and rippling curls, and the obvious love and devotion emanating from them as a couple.

Location: Jupiter, Florida.

1/1000; f/2.0; ISO 400; 85.0 mm.

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