Romantic fall portrait photography in Vermont foliage
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Romantic fall portrait photography in Vermont foliage

A sweet embrace during an anniversary portrait session in the middle of Vermont's spectacular fall color feels genuine and right at home with the ancient stone steps beneath this couple. Photographing other photographers is always fun for us, and we especially loved working with Abi and Brian of Abi Elaine Photography. A fellow Vermonter, Abi and Em grew up less than an hour apart, while Brian and Steve grew up in California and Florida respectively, both falling in love with Vermont and the wedding photography community in this beautiful state.

Choosing an overhead position adds a sense of precariousness to this image, which conveys the session's theme of "falling in love in Vermont". The tight grasp, the gripping hands, the sweet kiss planted on her cheek, and the spiral curve of their intertwined torsos all give a whirlwind feel to this shot. The palette of browns and yellows make her milky white complexion stand out even more, and the pop of red fingernails is a dash of sexiness amidst a very demure pose. Choosing to position their heads in the right side of the image, with his head at the top right intersecting point in the rule of thirds and her face diagonally lower helps keep the viewers eye moving around the image, which was shot outside a private home in the picturesque town of Quechee, Vermont. Homes along dirt roads in Vermont are often some of the most beautiful old houses you'll find in the state, many having been restored farmhouses in recent decades.

Location: Quechee, Vermont.

1/640; f/2.0; ISO 400; 35.0 mm.

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