Sexy beach portrait photography in Jupiter, Florida
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Sexy beach portrait photography in Jupiter, Florida

No one said engagement sessions had to be cute. If you want, they can be sexy. Sultry. Steamy. This couple managed to nearly convince us that they were alone, or at least that they'd maybe forgotten we were still taking pictures on the beach during their engagement session on a cloudy afternoon at Dubois Park Beach in Jupiter, Florida. We love the black and white moody feel that this overcast day left, and we love the tousled style of her hair cascading over her shoulders. Raw and real portraits are just perfect, don't you think? The inspiration for this romantic and sexually charged session was the 1990 music video for “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak, a dramatically different video for the time that featured a couple playing in the ocean waves and sand, suggestively touching each other and embracing as the camera pans around them. This music video was filmed and presented entirely in black and white, which was a gutsy move for the wildly colorful early nineties years of MTV, but it worked: supremely memorable and almost iconic 25 years later, it must have spawned a thousand imitations, including our humble homage to such an evocative and titillating piece of musical history and cinematic mastery.

Location: Dubois Park, Jupiter, Florida.

1/160; f/1.4; ISO 800; 85.0 mm.

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