Simple charming DIY wedding flowers in Cornish NH
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Simple charming DIY wedding flowers in Cornish NH

A wedding doesn't need to be complicated to be a lovely representation of the marriage. These simple roses and wildflowers in mason jars make this antique church window join the festive summer atmosphere. Simple decoration can be as much of an art as an elaborate floral scheme; carefully researching centerpieces, altarpieces, and other arrangements for wedding day flowers is the best way to ensure that your wedding day's décor will be elegant, timeless, and coordinate well with your overall vision for the day.

Cornish is a small town in New Hampshire, right across the Connecticut River from Vermont. Boasting rolling hills, old churches, and an extremely long covered bridge that stretches from Windsor to Cornish, this area has the quintessential rural New England feel that many couples desire for their wedding locale. Cornish is located toward the southern edge of the Upper Valley, a cross-state region of Vermont and New Hampshire that radiates out from the Hanover/Lebanon/White River Junction area, and covers wedding venues such as: The Hanover Inn, located within Dartmouth College's verdant campus; Dowds' Country Inn, a family owned and operated inn along the Green in Lyme; and Sumner Mansion Inn, a tiny and charming brick mansion on a hill in the tiny Vermont town of Hartland. The range of unique wedding venues within this small but bustling region varies widely, from sweeping vistas of farmland and mountains with rustic farmhouses and elegant inns, to the Ivy League splendor of Dartmouth's campus nestled in amongst the evergreens. Whatever you're looking for, the Upper Valley can provide it.

Location: Cornish, NH.

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