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As a Southern Vermont Wedding Photographer, Em was able to take this photo of a bridal gown hanging in the window of a rustic cabin, incorporating the feel and scenery this area of the Green Mountain State is famous for having.

Southern Vermont has become one of the premier locations for destination weddings, offering a perfect blend of rustic and modern while being secluded yet easily accessible. Vermont has the second smallest population of any state and those few people are scattered over a rather large area. Even the largest and most recognizable city of Burlington has a population smaller than seven cities in our home county in Florida. Burlington and many other Vermont towns are grouped together in the northwestern portion of the state along Lake Champlain, but Southern Vermont manages to somehow be even less densely populated. The rolling hills and mountain tops divide what few towns there are here even further. This result in a few dozen small communities, each feeling as though it is tucked into its own small, private corner of the state.

The region of Southern Vermont is about a three and a half hour drive from Boston, Syracuse, Montreal, and New York City. This makes the region appealing as it is a reasonable driving distance from millions of people, while still feeling too close to home. Traveling in from any of the surrounding areas is a beautiful trip nearly year round, as the mountains slowly rise out of the pastoral fields in Vermont and the states surrounding it. Tourists flock to this area to witness the changing of the leaves in the fall, and many come back shortly afterwards to ski the east. This has help connect Southern Vermont to many urban areas and the hearts of the people living in them. This emotional connection to the area is one of the primary factors contributing to the increase in the amount of destination weddings here.

Nearly all of the inns in the Southern Vermont area have joined the larger hotels and ski resorts in becoming wedding venues. Ski resorts like Mount Snow, Okemo, Stratton, Killington, and Bromley are accustomed to people visiting and staying on the resort’s property the entire time, so their pre-existing infrastructure originally built for the ski community is already a perfect fit for destination weddings. If functionality wasn’t enough to win someone over, the combination of crisp clean air mixed with a view from atop a mountain frequently makes the venue decision even easier. If the resorts do have a drawback it is that they can seem too large and overwhelming, but luckily there are plenty of options in the valley. Small towns like Bennington and Manchester combine history with boutique hotels and inns that offer luxurious surroundings while never crossing over into the category of pretentious.

Despite all of the resorts, inns, and hotels, the driving force behind the growth in Southern Vermont Weddings as been the old time farm with an antique barn. Barn weddings feel more connected to the land and have a natural element to them, which can be said about nearly all of Vermont. We have found that many couples living in urban areas, even those with a multitude of historic structures, still feel compelled to trade the modern confines of an office or apartment building for the undeveloped agrarian option Southern Vermont offers. We have photographed weddings in a wide variety of settings, and anytime the background has its own character we find it immediately enhances the feel when you are there, which is something we love to express in our photos.

Location: Southern Vermont.

1/1250; f/9.0; ISO 800; 35.0 mm.

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