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This black and white image of a couple laughing on a golf course against a stormy sky was taken just after their wedding ceremony. We love creating images like this in the resort town of Stowe, Vermont.

Stowe is a tiny village of fewer than 5,000 residents, but the idyllic resort town is recognized internationally as one of the best and most prestigious ski areas on the East coast.
Winter sports in the area started in earnest in 1913 and have grown exponentially in the century since. Stowe is growing even today as pre-existing resorts expand and new ones are being built. The recent construction of a new cabled transport system connecting the town’s center in the valley to the top of two different mountains are part of the fastest gondola system east of the Rockies. The lifts allows access to the many different ski trails emanating from the nearby ridges, including the infamous Nose Dive.

The town of Stowe lies in a valley between the Green Mountains and it’s most famous topographical feature, Mount Mansfield. The ridge of the mountain resembles the face of a man, and the different high points are referred to by their corresponding facial features, like the chin and nose. The tallest peak in the state of Vermont, Mt. Mansfield started as a destination for hikers in the warm summer months. The Toll Road, which allows road access to the top of the mountain, was completed way back in 1870, followed shortly by a 300-room hotel to accommodate the many travelers coming to take in the mountainous scenery. Tourists still flock to the area during the warmer months to experience the views and tackle some of the many trails the area has to offer. Vermont’s Long Trail is its most famous, traversing the ridge of the Green Mountains and passing directly through Stowe. An annual balloon festival in July and the British Invasion in September have helped keep Stowe and Mount Mansfield an appealing option for visitors twelve months a year.

Stowe Mountain Resort is the largest and most well-known hotel complex in the town, offering numerous activities, lodging, restaurants, and wedding locations. We have found that nearly everyone getting married here fell in love with Stowe when they first skied down one of the 116 trails, with some of our clients being so connected to the area they became instructors on the slopes. The resort is designed to keep the entire family entertained for the duration of their stay on property, an aspect that brides and grooms find immediately attractive. We also embrace the concept of having all the wedding related events in one location, streamlining efficiency. Since there is an onsite hotel the party can go later into the night as no one needs to drive home after the last dance.

Photographing weddings in Stowe is always thrilling for us. Em has memories of the area from growing up nearby, equating the resorts and the town with high class tourism and its famed Winter Carnival. Steve appreciates Stowe’s focus on winter sports, as ski lodges are fairly exotic to someone raised in South Florida. While starting from two different perspectives and geographic points, we both came to the same conclusion that Stowe is an exceptional area and an ideal spot for weddings.

Location: Stowe, Vermont.

1/400; f/2.2; ISO 400; 85.0 mm.

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