Touching ceremony moment between two brides
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Touching ceremony moment between two brides

The witnessing of a ceremony is amongst the most important parts of any wedding, but we feel there's an elevated sense of importance when it's a same-sex wedding due to the long time struggle gay and lesbian partners have had in order to gain equal rights with hetero couples. Many same-sex couples have spent years or even decades together, often raising their children without the benefit of being recognized by our society for their commitment and love. As photographers and as huge supporters of love of all kinds, we are overjoyed at the recent court decisions that made gay marriage legal everywhere in the United States. We are always pleased when clients recognize that our documentary photography skills fit perfectly with any style of wedding, including gay weddings and lesbian weddings. Pogo Photo offers destination gay wedding photography and we are happy to join you and your families for your wedding and marriage celebration anywhere in the US and beyond. Love is love, and not only is it our policy to be inclusive… it's also our privilege and our pleasure.

This wedding ceremony between two beautiful brides with a long history together took place at a former Catholic church in Scarborough, Maine, just minutes away from Old Orchard Beach. Their ceremony was beautiful, and the secular nature of the event space allowed us access to a stage behind them that gave us an elevated position to capture tender moments such as this caress with smiling faces behind them. Their ceremony also involved a candlelit portion where each of their guests shared their light, spreading love throughout the space (and not a few tears).

Location: The Landing at Pine Point, 353 Pine Point Road, Scarborough, Maine 04074.

1/250; f/2.8; ISO 20000; 200.0 mm.

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