Water engagement portraits at Dubois Park
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Water engagement portraits at Dubois Park

A cloudy, overcast day may not feel ideal if you have a sunshiny engagement session in mind, but this couple had no problem embracing the unusual atmosphere. Their portraits ranged from standard smiling shots to this segment we did partially in the water, in what feels like an endless expanse of ocean and sky. These black and white portraits took on a feel of their own, almost as if to express that the couple is all alone in the world together, but they can't tear their eyes away from each other. This kind of sexy and raw portrait session gives us shots that make us shout YESSSS a little too loudly.

The inspiration for this session came from Chris Issac’s music video from the 1990’s called “Wicked Game”, a breakthrough at the time that has become classic, with stark black and white footage and a beautiful couple wound around each other on the beach and in the sand. We lucked out with the weather in this case, with the lighting causing a giant “softbox effect”, creating omnidirectional, smooth, even light. It’s easy to imagine this water being nearly anywhere; this kind of hushed overcast weather tends to take on a look similar to lake fog, and the lack of waves in this protected area kept the surface from looking too much like the ocean (even though that’s exactly what this is).

Location: Dubois Park, Jupiter, Florida.

1/125; f/2.0; ISO 400; 35.0 mm.

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