Wedding Dress Photo at Jay Peak, Northeast Kingdom
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Wedding Dress Photo at Jay Peak, Northeast Kingdom

We took this detail photo of of the bride’s wedding dress while she was getting her hair and makeup done the morning of her wedding day. Detail images like this are often photographed during weddings held at the Jay Peak Resort in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

The Northeast Kingdom covers about one fifth of the state of Vermont, but the region is known for characteristics unique to this corner of the state. Comprised of the three most northeastern counties of Vermont, the Northeast Kingdom borders Canada to the north and New Hampshire to the east. Jay Peak, home to the resort that bears its name, is the highest point in the region, but most of the land here is rolling hills in sharp contrast to the more mountainous terrain directly to the west. The Northeast Kingdom, sometimes referred to as “NEK” or simply “The Kingdom,” didn’t get its current moniker until that late 1940s when former Vermont senator and governor George Aiken coined the term during a speech. The name stuck immediately and has helped immensely in the marketing of the region.

The Kingdom is more than just a destination for weddings, as skiing, hiking, and leaf peeping all contribute to tourism, one of the area’s primary economic drivers. People have increasingly been flocking to the area in droves, numbers that were further augmented after the region received various accolades in recent years. The now ubiquitous book “1,000 Places to See Before You Die” lists the Northeast Kingdom not only in its American version but in the International alternative as well. The National Geographic Society also got in on the action in 2006, listing the NEK as the ninth most desirable place to visit in the world and the top spot to visit in the US. The relatively small population of about 65,000 is scattered across the rural area as the recognizable towns of St. Johnsbury and Jay have fewer than 7,600 and 600 residents respectively.

Jay may be a small town, but it is home to the Jay Peak Resort, one of the highest rated ski resorts in all of New England. Offering views of nearby Canada, the upper portions of Jay Peak are the gateway to 78 different ski trails. When there isn’t enough snow for winter sports, Jay Peak Resort still has a lot to offer, including an indoor waterpark called the Pump House. The waterpark has a wave creating machine for surfing and boogie-boarding called a Flowrider, identical to the one at the Rapids near our home in Florida. We have a friend that is obsessed with this thing, and his descriptions and cell phone videos of people not succeeding at mastering the art of surfing artificial waves are hysterical. Who doesn’t want a bit of schadenfreude during their celebratory weekend?

Weddings at the Jay Peak Resort are fun-filled events encompassing many of the things that make other mountainous areas of Vermont, including Stowe and Okemo, such enchanting destinations. The options when choosing a location across the property are seemingly endless, as two hotels, a lodge, six condominium choices, suites, and cottages are all available for rent. This allows for a multi-locational celebration across the acreage, all while maintaining the friendly and home-away-from home ambiance.

Location: Jay Peak Resort, 830 Jay Peak Rd, Jay, VT 05859.

1/200; f/2.0; ISO 1000; 24.0 mm.

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