Wedding in Jupiter, Florida with indoor portraits
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Wedding in Jupiter, Florida with indoor portraits

Summer weddings in Florida can be very hot and sticky, which is why we highly recommend having not only an airtight rain backup plan, but also indoor/air conditioned locations with natural light available for every part of your wedding day. Brian + Lowery's wedding was a lovely day in June on Jupiter Island, just off the coast of Jupiter, Florida, but the heat was oppressive. Both Lowery and Brian wore clothing that suited the weather, and Lowery's hair and makeup was done beautifully to allow for sweating without coming apart completely, but being unbelievably hot isn't comfortable for anyone, so we kept the majority of their first look and couple portraits inside the private home where they had their wedding preparations and ceremony. The beautiful large windows and varied backgrounds presented many options for portraits in the cooled air, so limiting outside portrait time made for a smoother day without compromising on the photography.

Lowery chose to do her own makeup; hailing from Dallas, Texas, she's well familiar with the effect heat and humidity can have on heavy makeup, so she opted for a natural, dewy foundation and a pretty pink flush to her cheeks and lips. Her signature look includes kohl rimmed eyes, which set off her bright blue irises, drawing you right to her gaze in this image. Next you might see her small, pleased smile, or notice Brian, who can't tear his eyes off of his soon-to-be-wife. Lowery's ability to relax into her man makes this portrait feel low key and natural, leaving us free to imagine their next move: maybe she'll turn to look at him, maybe she'll breathe deeply and envision walking down the aisle in just a few short minutes, or maybe they'll stop for a tender kiss. This image glows with the radiance of summer.

Location: Jupiter Island, Florida.

1/640; f/2.0; ISO 400; 85.0 mm.

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