Wedding Photography at The Addison, Boca Raton
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Wedding Photography at The Addison, Boca Raton

Dreamy portraits like this can be created using a lot of time and hard work in Photoshop, or they can be created in camera with an unusual trick: this is called a bokehrama, or multi layer bokeh panorama, which requires a specific kind of lens (in this case we used an 85mm ƒ1.2) that can be set to an extremely shallow depth of field. It's also necessary to lock focus (by either shooting with back button focus or by manually flipping the lens out of autofocus mode) to keep the extreme blur lining up correctly. This effectively increases the size of the the sensor, or creates an image with an impossible aperture; the equivalent, in this case of ƒ0.332. (The widest aperture lens we've seen in real life was a staggering ƒ0.95, and it's very rare.) This technique was popularized by a photographer named Ryan Brenizer and is often called The Brenizer Method.

This stunning bride exudes confidence and grace, leaning away from the railing just a bit while the huge banyan trees loom above her. The Addison in Boca Raton is a unique venue in the area, with a shaded courtyard for the ceremony and a wide range of rooms for the rest of the celebration.

Location: The Addison, Boca Raton, Florida.

1/2000; f/1.2; ISO 400; 85.0 mm.

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