Wedding portraits at The Breakers on Palm Beach
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Wedding portraits at The Breakers on Palm Beach

Wedding party portraits with bridesmaids don't have to be formal and stiff to be beautiful and timeless. We love creating portraits with our clients and their attendants as small vignettes into the day: even though technically they are formal portraits, we'll always find a way to make people laugh and relax, often leading to gems like this image on the front lawn of The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach. The main facade of The Breakers is white, and in the afternoon the reflected sunlight floods the lawn for beautiful, flattering portrait light that still feels natural, much like a giant window or photographic reflector. Finding creative locations and keeping the light flattering while still natural is one of the things we pride ourselves on as professionals, while also keeping the various people involved with the wedding day happy and involved. This portrait was created by placing the bride and her bridesmaids (in this case her daughters and soon to be step-daughter) on the lawn with enough space behind them to let the background trees fall out of focus, in a spot where the reflected light created an ethereal glow on their happy faces. A couple of suggestions led to sudden laughter, captured in the quick moment that it sparked.

Location: The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida.

1/800; f/2.0; ISO 200; 85.0 mm.

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