Wedding portraits at the Citadel in Charleston, SC
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Wedding portraits at the Citadel in Charleston, SC

Tina + Angelo's destination wedding weekend took place in Charleston, South Carolina, with perfect weather and an abundance of groomsmen and bridesmaids. Angelo is a graduate of the Citadel, and was allowed to marry at the Citadel's Chapel, a beautiful old building across the green from the main building (which happens to be shaped like a castle turret). This image is an unposed and natural moment: Em had just finished photographing the girls as a group, and Steve had just finished with the guys, and Tina was eager to visit with her groom. As she rushed into the frame Steve took a moment to recompose and managed to capture the late fall sunlight beating down on the green field, the stately silhouette of the Citadel behind the group, a natural grouping of groomsmen headed to the ceremony, and Angelo's excited face as he met up with his bride-to-be. (One of the great things about scheduling a first look is that you can plan large amounts of time to spend with each other and/or with your wedding party, giving us the flexibility to capture natural moments like this one.)

Using a variety of lenses and other photographic tools at our disposal to document the day’s events as they unfold is one of the reasons we prefer to use two-camera straps, so that each of us can have two active cameras at any given moment. This allows us not only to have cameras set for different looks, but also to have very different lens choices to capture everything from a wide angle environmental images such as this one to a tightly zoomed closeup portrait from across the field.

Location: The Citadel, Charleston, SC.

1/6400; f/6.3; ISO 400; 16.0 mm.

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