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This isn't quite a place to check out yet, but it will be soon. Feel free to bookmark and come back later.

An incomplete list of my favorite things:


Táve (use my referral link when you sign up)

The Wedding School. I occasionally teach here; it's a great learning resource in spite of that.


Sigma 24-35mm ƒ2 Art Lens. Check out my lengthy review at that link.

Clutch Hand Strap from Peak Design. Love this for my main camera body to reduce hand fatigue.

Universal Arca Mounting Plate. A plate like this is needed to use the above hand strap with Holdfast straps.

Holdfast MoneyMaker. Mine is the Bridle Leather in Chestnut; this style can take a bit to break in.

C8 CheetahStands. Auto-collapsing light stands.

Think Tank Airport Navigator. Top-loading rolling camera bag; incredibly underrated, indispensable to me on a wedding day.

ƒ64 Light Stand Bag. Bought mine almost 5 years ago and it looks brand.freakin.new. Works great with the C8 CheetahStands; might be a bit short for taller stands.


Adobe InDesign. You should be using this.

Grand Perspective. Visual tool for your Mac to identify why your hard drive space is vanishing– SO HELPFUL. You can buy this from the App Store if you're paranoid about 3rd party developers or you can download it from their website for free if you'd rather.

CopyClip. Invaluable tool to save multiple copy/paste items on your Mac; link to older version that I still use.


Stannis the Cat. My amazing cat. He's cranky. He has his own Instagram account. He won't follow back.

Iceland. The freakin' best place on earth. Don't muck it up by being a jerk if you visit.

NARS sheer lipstick in Gipsy. The best lipstick ever. The end.

The Snack. Cabot Seriously Sharp cheddar cheese, sliced Granny Smith green apples, and Black Pepper Triscuits. This is now your favorite snack. You're welcome. (No link because it's just food, go buy it.)

SWITCHEL. Feeling terrible? My mom's home remedy is a Vermont tradition and it will make you feel better. Really. Make some and drink it.

This is still a temporary list so I can troll my friends for having to constantly admit that I'm right. Hi, friends! I love you too! I'll keep expanding it into a much bigger resource as I think of things to add. In the meantime, you don't have to remember this page's address. The link www.emknowsbest.com will take you right here.

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