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We’ve photographed weddings from the simplest of elopements to over-the-top elegant affairs. What do they all have in common? Clients who have come to love our style of documentary photography mixed with a splash of guided portraits. Read on to see if we’re a good fit for your day.

Ear-splitting grins that show well-earned laugh lines.

Flower girls throwing temper-tantrums. A moment of uncertainty, followed by a calming deep breath.

Dad’s proud smile and glistening eyes.


Excitement so tangible you can almost touch it.

These are the moments we live for as artists. Of course we strive to capture the beauty of the day; this is probably the biggest party you’ll ever throw, and the time and thought that has gone into every detail should and will be captured. But the images that make our hearts skip a beat are the ones where we manage to distill the emotion of the day into windows that will transport you back in time every time you look at them. These are the images that you’ll hold as priceless: grandma living it up on the dance floor, your best friend’s speech that moves you to tears, or that stolen kiss you thought we missed.

We make our best photographic art with couples who love and appreciate our style, and we work tirelessly from the day we’re booked until the day we deliver your album to create an enjoyable and memorable client experience.

Wedding portraits at The Breakers on Palm Beach

Documentary... plus a little extra.

For the vast majority of any wedding day, we try to hide in plain sight. We’re happy people who can make friends anywhere, so we tend to get to know your loved ones while we shoot, gradually increasing their comfort around us and our cameras. One of the comments we often hear from our clients and their guests is that they barely saw us… and that’s a good thing! The best way for us to document the actual events of your day is for us to blend in and be unnoticed.

The exception to this is during family formal portraits, when we suddenly become loud and in-charge. This generally helps the formals move along in a timely manner, allowing your family to “get this over with” and letting us move along to one of our favorite parts: portraits of the two of you, alone together for possibly the first time all day.

Jupiter Florida Wedding Photographers

Creative portraits.

Our clients have always loved our creative portraits, which we make as enjoyable for you as possible. During your engagement session we teach you as much as we can about how to best position yourself in a flattering way without looking overly posed; once the wedding day rolls around the things we’ve taught you will feel natural. Our goal during the creative portraits part of the day (which should ideally be 30-60 minutes) is to create a variety of images that capture both how you look and where you are, but most importantly how you feel. We generally find beautiful light and a lovely location, give you a rough idea of how we’d like you positioned, and then we’ll back off and let you chat, laugh, kiss, dance, or whatever you’d like to do with each other.

Exuberant Bride and Groom Celebrate at VT Camp Lodge

Hold the cheese.

When it comes down to it, your wedding is your day. If you ask us to photograph something, we’re not going to turn you down; but in general we use the guideline of “no cheese”. We’ll happily take a group shot of your friends at the reception, but we’d never ask them to stop dancing to give us a pasted-on smile. Typically we avoid trendy photo ideas that one might find on a “must have” Pinterest board, opting instead to give you a more classic style with images that will stand the test of time. We’ll document your wedding as the unique event that it is, telling your story through the big and small moments that happen throughout the course of the day.

Palm Beach Gardens Wedding Photographer

We're doing a happy dance through life.

The bottom line? We love what we do. Not only have we made a career out of taking pretty pictures, we also get to catch a ride on the roller coaster of emotion on the best day of your life. Our clients are never just clients; we’ve always found that our best images come from the people we connect with, so we make an effort to become friends before anything else. Life is beautiful: messy, unscripted, and unpredictable, but beautiful just as it is. Not only do we want to document your dance through life, we want to dance alongside you. If this sounds like fun (spoiler alert: it is), give us a shout. We can’t wait to connect.

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