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What to watch while working... or not working.

Photographers have a frequent issue: "What should I put on Netflix while I'm working?" What we really need is a searchable and sharable database with the ability for users to submit content. Guess what? Made one. (Scroll to the bottom of this page for info on how.)

(Really. We need your input.)

Check out the results so far! (Desktop browsers will also allow you to filter/sort.)

(Made using Airtable, which is a shockingly useful—and free—cloud based database platform. Really. You should probably be using for just about every part of your life that has data that could be sorted. It's like spreadsheets only even MORE useful. It took me about 20 minutes to fully set up the above intake form and resulting view of this "base"; I use it for anything and everything, including keeping my Good Gallery content backed up and organized.)
Technically the link above is an affiliate link, but since I only use the free version I don't actually get anything out of that other than the satisfaction of showing someone else this awesome software. Just figured I'd let you know.

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