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Waterbury VT Photographers with Couple at Warren Falls


Anywhere within Vermont is considered local, with some rare exceptions for extremely remote locations or extremely early start times.


“Everywhere else” is a big place! I have some general guidelines that I've found to be necessary for a smooth and easy travel wedding. Most of these policies are in place as a precaution; I have very little control over weather, customs agents, or flight delays, and so I like to make sure that I am early to the game.

For this reason, all flights must take place two days prior to the wedding to ensure I arrive in time for your celebration even if there’s an unforeseen delay.

Beyond the flights, ground transportation, and hotel stays, I will happily eat with you any time that it's convenient; I will invoice you at the end of the event for actual expenses of any other meals, tipping, etc.

Please note: I carefully adhere to all local laws and requirements, which means I may not be able to photograph your wedding if it's taking place in a country where United States citizens are unable to work legally. I will let you know right away if this is an issue, or if there are permit or visa requirements for me to be able to join your celebration as your photographer.


Travel is one of those things that tends to bring up a lot of additional questions, which are welcome! I'm excited to work with you on your wedding day, whether that means winging across the world or strolling down the block. Get in touch by clicking here.

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