Beautiful Wedding Photography at The Breakers
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Beautiful Wedding Photography at The Breakers

The traditional imposing facade of The Breakers is usually photographed with a wide angle lens and plenty of distractions in the background, such as the enormous fountain, the valets parking cars, and hotel guests ogling the couple getting married. We prefer to simplify this overly photographed scene and create our own take on it, focusing on the bride and groom rather than the architecture, but allowing the beauty of the hotel and the surroundings act as a backdrop for what's really important: the wedding, the couple, and their marriage. We love this sweet moment of a bride and groom focused entirely on each other, ignoring the imposing building behind them and smiling with the joy of the newly wed. This image is an excellent example of working with brilliant Floridian sunshine in the late afternoon rather than working against it; by exposing for sunlit skin the front of the white building is also exposed correctly, throwing the palm trees and valet parking area into shadow, which draws your attention back to the bride and grooms’ smiling faces. Her traditional blusher veil is thrown back so as to be merely a decorative element; the lace of her gown and the stark black bowtie of his tux gives the entire image a classic, elegant feel, and her strong features hearken back to glamorous Hollywood days, giving this South Florida wedding a hint of Southern California style.

Location: 1 S County Rd, Palm Beach, FL 33480.

1/8000; f/2.0; ISO 100; 35.0 mm.

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