Bride exiting church into Orlando courtyard
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Bride exiting church into Orlando courtyard

As much as we love the solemn and sacred moments of a church ceremony, the obvious joy on the groom's face as they make their quiet exit from St. James Catholic Cathedral in Orlando, Florida is up there with our favorite parts of the day. Leaving the darkness of the cave-like church and coming out into the lush green of spring in central Florida feels like being born anew, the beginning of their lives together as a married couple. The solid wooden door and door frame of the cathedral is an anchor point in the image, allowing the ethereal loveliness of the bride's veil and dress to flow behind her, following the leading lines of the path in front of the couple. These leading lines draw the viewer's eye upward and outward, establishing a positive and uplifting connection, while the tree the branches out from above the groom implies a safe and solid person is leading the bride outside and into the light. Making images like this that have a simple beauty but burst with subtle and hidden meaning really lets us shine creatively, and having clients who trust us to make an image that's slightly different from the expected is the best feeling in the world.

Location: 215 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801.

1/1250; f/2.0; ISO 400; 35.0 mm.

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