B+W Documentary Photograph at Jupiter Country Club
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B+W Documentary Photograph at Jupiter Country Club

The Jupiter Country Club, located just a few miles from our home studio, is a fantastic new wedding venue in northern Palm Beach County, providing brides and groom like the excited ones in this image with multiple location choices for their nuptials.

The Jupiter Country Club, a newly constructed community in northern Palm Beach county west of the turnpike on the north and south sides of Indiantown Road, is an exciting new option for couples seeking an elegant and luxurious feel for their wedding day. We watched this development rise out of the untamed landscape of West Jupiter each time we would drive by it heading to a few of our favorite local shooting locations. The sprawling development by the Toll Brothers features an onsite golf course surrounded by four different levels of homes with a stately club at the end of the 18th hole, located in the northern half of the neighborhood. On the other side of the main street, the club has a second building housing their gym and meeting spaces. Behind that are the community pools that flank a common area, often used as the wedding ceremony site.

The pool area, the country club itself, and a beautifully landscaped walkway were all used to perfection when we photographed here, incorporating the underlying theme of the entire place into the background of many photos. As wedding professionals, we greatly appreciate having all of the day’s activities located in one place and Jupiter Country Club essentially fills this requirement, even though it offers usable spaces nearly a half mile apart. The area’s stone walkways and porches provided some much appreciated bounced light for most of the day, including during the afternoon ceremony by the club’s rear water feature. The entrance to ceremony was down a pathway through an arched trellis covered in climbing vines. This provided a dark yet natural background while allowing in enough sunlight in to illuminate the faces of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and flower girl before being followed by the proud father of the bride and the star of the show herself.

Receptions at the Jupiter Country Club are hosted inside the onsite restaurant, complete with a back patio and covered central space, perfect for cocktail hour. The structure housing the restaurant lends itself to movement around the building, as guests can easily walk a few feet outside to see the vibrant colors cast across the sky during a signature Florida sunset. Since it is so wide open and yet close to our house, we have driven to the club to have an unobstructed view of sunset when we have seen the pinks and purples start to glow in the sporadic cloud cover. The lanterns high above the ground at the club offer enough even light for people congregating just outside of the restaurant to see, but still maintain the desired nighttime atmosphere.

Jupiter Country Club has become one of our favorite places to photograph weddings in all of mainland Palm Beach county. We are proud to have this facility essentially in our backyard, which also means we have a five minute drive back to our house, something that is appreciated as a drastic change of pace for destination wedding photographers like the two of us.

Location: Jupiter Country Club, 126 Rosalia Ct, Jupiter, FL 33478.

1/125; f/2.0; ISO 4000; 35.0 mm.

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