Engagement photos with cats in West Palm Beach
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Engagement photos with cats in West Palm Beach

We see engagement photography including dogs all the time; an engagement session with cats is a bit less common, but we LOVE it. Cats provide just as much love and affection for their owners as dogs do for theirs, it's just less of a public relationship. (We love our own dear kitty enormously, and would absolutely include him in our own portraits if he had been in our lives when we got engaged!) Including cats in your photo session is relatively easy to plan; we highly recommend keeping them at home rather than trying to have them out in public (unless that's something your cats already tolerate, which is rare). Scheduling extra time to keep them calm after meeting two new cat-loving humans is ideal, and having abundant light in your home (or giving us a heads up so we know to bring external lighting gear) is essential. There's nothing quite like a portrait with your favorite felines, and a sweet image of you all cuddling as a family is something you'll cherish forever. We're available for cat photography anywhere we travel, including our local times in Florida (October through May) and Vermont (June through September). Having your portraits taken with your cats may not be quite the controlled process you're expecting; in order to have a cat cooperate for a photographer some favorite treats will probably be required, though we recommend something that's dry and small rather than anything that drips or stains (or has to be eaten privately under the sofa).

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida.

1/160; f/2.2; ISO 1600; 35.0 mm.

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