Handsome groom wearing a tux on his wedding day
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Handsome groom wearing a tux on his wedding day

Classic portraits of the groom are always lent a touch of elegance by a simple, well fitted black tuxedo with a black bowtie; while tuxedo rentals often seem like a good deal, we generally recommend purchasing your own if you feel like you may get some use out of it. The wedding industry often focuses so much on a bride's gown and accessories that the groom's clothing is put on the backburner, or brushed aside. We encourage everyone to reexamine this! Not that the same amount needs to be spent on each person getting married, but the disparity between wedding gowns and suits is comical at times. A bride wearing a perfectly tailored, multi-thousand dollar dress is accepted in our current industry, but many people laugh at the idea of purchasing a tux "for just one event". The reality is that a tuxedo can be worn many times through the rest of your adult life, providing you stay in roughly the same shape you are in for your wedding day, while a wedding dress is typically never worn again.

We love shooting groom portraits; focusing on a man who is about to embark on a wild adventure with his partner as a person, and not just as an accessory to his soon-to-be-spouse. Keeping groom portraits dark and moody can lend a James Bond feel while also contrasting with bridal portraits and their tendency to be photographed in lighter, airier surroundings. Having a second primary photographer (as we do with every wedding) means these portraits don't take the backseat to the bridal preparation portraits, which are often labeled as being more important by a very bride-centric industry. While we realize this stereotype exists for a reason, we often have grooms who are just as excited as brides, and we enthusiastically encourage everyone to embrace the joy of getting married.

Location: Old Palm Golf Club, 11089 Old Palm Drive, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418.

1/250; f/4.0; ISO 320; 125.0 mm.

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