Newlywed couple practice first dance by the lakeshore
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Newlywed couple practice first dance by the lakeshore

Allowing plenty of time for couple portraits not only results in exponentially better final images, it also allows for time for the couple to interact with each other without the stress of a shortened timeline. Practicing their first dance by the lake kept this bride and groom calm, let them explore how they felt in their wedding clothing while moving, and gave them intimacy that's missed on the dance floor. We are careful to lead our portraits so that our clients feel their best and look like their true selves, but we also take a few steps back when something tender and touching takes place. (Not always physical steps back; sometimes we stay close but stop talking, letting the moment unfold while we are close enough to document it.) Blending in with our surroundings is one of the skills we've developed over the years photographing weddings, though we have more than enough personality and volume to pull anyone out of their shell if they feel hesitant about what we have to offer. This couple didn't have the opportunity to schedule an engagement session, but they made sure to meet with us in person prior to the wedding day in order to ensure that we had a personal connection as a group.

Location: 2111 Vía Tuscany, Winter Park, Florida 32789.

1/5000; f/4.0; ISO 400; 200.0 mm.

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