Striking beach engagement portraits on Singer Island
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Striking beach engagement portraits on Singer Island

The subject's gaze is both arresting and soft, her gaze pulling in the viewer while the softness of her smile almost suggests that she's perhaps unaware of the kiss that's about to be planted on the edge of her neck. The ocean spray and the beach wind has left texture in her hair, curling softly away from her face, and both her dress and his shirt are good counterpoints to the peachy tones of their skin. The long lens used for this portrait results in the ocean behind them to fall away into obscurity, creating a soft and ethereal light that transcends mere beach portraits and becomes truly intimate.

MacArthur Beach State Park on Singer Island, just east of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is a beautiful place for portraits of all kinds, and is a fully enjoyable place to wander, swim, kayak, or picnic, all within easy reach of I-95 and the Turnpike. We love photographing people here because it’s a location where nearly everyone feels the allure of the Atlantic Ocean and the relaxing pull of the breezy trees lining the shore. The beach at this park is the closest we’ve found to a secluded or private beach, which makes it the perfect place to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and let go.

Location: 10900 Jack Nicklaus Dr, North Palm Beach, FL 33408.

1/320; f/4.0; ISO 400; 200.0 mm.

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